how to sharpen ceramic blades

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When sharpening, the safest way to handle a ceramic knife is toplace both hands on the blade. Apply gentle force consistently with both fingers, while supporting the blade. Be sure to not bend the blade as this will result in breakage.

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  • How to sharpen a ceramic knife?

  • What ceramic knife owners found is that these knives do eventually get dull, and then the challenge is how to sharpen a ceramic knife. Sharpening a ceramic knife requires diamond sharpening stones and then following these steps. Assess the knife edge. Prepare the diamond stone. Get your angle right.

  • Can you sharpen a Kyocera knife at home?

  • Note: the Kyocera free knife sharpening offer appears to be no longer current. Since closing their sharpening service, they now recommend the services of EVERSHARP, which involve fees. Nevertheless, you can sharpen your ceramic knife at home by purchasing a manual or electric knife sharpener suited to sharpening ceramic knives.

  • What angle should you sharpen kitchen knives?

  • On most kitchen knives, you would sharpen at an angle of 20-degrees or a little less. On ceramic knives, you need to use an even shallower angle, closer to between 18 and 15-degrees. This means that you would need to angle the knife on the stone at a shallower angle than what you think.

  • How much does it cost to sharpen a knife?

  • You have the option to get a ceramic knife sharpener system or tool that costs about 10 bucks and looks like a cross between a can opener and a stapler. You can also avail of a diamond wheel sharpener that the pros use with the caveat that now you should know how to use it.

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