how to unseal a ceramic urn

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  • How to open an unsealed urn?

  • How to Open an Unsealed Urn 1 Make sure your work surface is solid and free of debris#N#Cremains are the consistency of coarse sand. While some… 2 Examine the urn to discover how it can be opened#N#Wooden urns are often opened by unscrewing the base off the bottom. 3 Open the urn with care More …

  • How do you clean a sealed urn?

  • Soak a cotton swab in fingernail polish remover or epoxy solvent and run the swab’s tip along the sealed portion of the urn You may have to repeat this process several times.

  • How do you open an empty cremation urn?

  • When you order a cremation urn, we (or any other urn company) will send you the empty urn. Simply open the urn and place the plastic bag of remains inside, then close it up again. The funeral director can do this for you, or you may want to do it yourself or ask a family member.

  • How do you remove the lid of an old URN?

  • Open the lid with the butter knife by prying gently into the space between the lid and urn. Stick the cotton swab with the fingernail polish remover in as far as it will go. Use more cotton swabs as needed as described in Step 2 until the lid comes off. Close the urn again by applying epoxy or other strong,…

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