how to use wax resist on ceramics

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Design With Wax Resist You cancover the pottery with tape then apply Underglaze. Once it has dried, apply the wax resist layer as a barrier. Now let dry and remove the tape, then glaze your pottery.

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  • What is wax resist used for in ceramic?

  • In ceramics, wax resist is often applied to bisque ware in order to 鈥渞esist鈥?the application of glazes, slips or underglazes. Wax resist can be applied to the bottom of a pot to prevent glazes and ceramic pieces from sticking to the kiln shelf during firings.

  • How do you remove wax from glazed pottery?

  • After glazing, wipe any beads of glaze material off the bottom and bottom edge of your pot. The wax resist will fire off the pot in the kiln . Commercial wax resists and wax emulsions are much easier to use than melted wax.

  • How do I choose the best wax resist?

  • Select a Wax Resist with color if possible. Colored Wax Resist is much easier to work with because you can see exactly where you applied it.

  • How do you use wax resist on clay pots?

  • Air bubbles result in thin areas of resist and can lead to unwanted glaze adherence. One decorative effect you can do with wax resist is to apply it over an area of clay body. Before applying the wax resist, make certain that the pot is clean and dust-free.

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