is ceramic brake pads good

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  • What are the pros and cons of ceramic brake pads?

  • Finally, studies have found that ceramic brake pads have a longer life span without ever sacrificing noise control, rotor life or braking performance. One con of ceramic brake pads is the cost. Ceramic brake pads tend to be more expensive than semi-metallic pads.

  • What are the best brake pads?

  • Ceramic brake pads are a popular option, and they can be a great replacement for your existing brake pads. Made out of ceramic materials and copper fibers, ceramic brake pads are some of the quietest and cleanest you can buy. They produce less noise, less dust, and can last a very long time.

  • Are metallic brake pads bad for your car?

  • Metallic brake pads tend to be noisier than their ceramic or organic counterparts, leading to a louder ride. Metallic pads also put more stress on the brake system, adding more strain and wear on the brake rotors. As far as price goes, metallic brake pads tend to fall somewhere between organic and ceramic pads.

  • How do ceramic brake pads work?

  • When the brake pedal is pushed, it activates calipers that press the brake pads against the tire rotors. The brake pads have to be able to absorb enough energy and heat to grip the tire and reduce speed. One of the benefits of ceramic brakes is how quiet they are.

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