is ceramic electrically conductive

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  • What is an electric conductive ceramic?

  • Conductive ceramics, advanced industrial materials that, owing to modifications in their structure, serve as electrical conductors. They are sometime called structural electronic ceramics. In addition to the well-known physical properties of ceramic materials鈥攈ardness, compressive strength, brittleness鈥攖here is the property of electric resistivity.

  • Can ceramic be used as a heating element?

  • Heating elements. A longstanding use of conductive ceramics is as heating elements for electric heaters and electrically heated furnaces. Conductive ceramics are especially effective at elevated temperatures and in oxidizing environments where oxidation-resistant metal alloys fail.

  • Is IJ research ceramic electrically conductive?

  • IJ Research offers a non-magnetic and electrically conductive ceramic since 1998. We are proud to provide this electrically conductive ceramic for applications where a metal or alloy may not be preferred. The electrical conductivity is approximately that of Fe or Ni. While Fe and Ni are magnetic, IJ Research ceramic #1129 is not.

  • What are the applications of ceramic conductors?

  • These ceramics are especially useful in gas sensors, fuel cells, and batteries. Semimetallic ceramic conductors have the highest conductivities of all but superconducting ceramics (described below).

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