is ceramic tile good for shower walls

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  • Can you use porcelain tiles in a shower?

  • You can thus use them in areas with high foot traffic and moisture such as bathroom floors. Porcelain tiles, however, cost more and need special tool to cut. For the shower, ceramic tiles are better suited to the walls while porcelain tiles are better off on the floor as they鈥檙e more durable and water resistant.

  • What are the best tiles for a shower wall?

  • Here are the top picks for shower wall tiles: One of the most popular and traditional types of tile used on shower walls are ceramic or porcelain tiles. This man-made material comes with a baked-on clear protective glaze. That makes it super low maintenance and an extremely durable tile option.

  • Is ceramic tile a good choice for bathroom tiles?

  • Often praised for its durability and variety, ceramic tile is a popular choice for bathroom finishes. If you鈥檙e drawn to color and texture, this material can deliver on both fronts. But the sheer variety of ceramic tiles is endless, which can make finding just the right tile very difficult.

  • Are glass tiles good for shower floors?

  • Glass tiles are incredibly durable and can last for a long time if you treat them with proper care. They don鈥檛 break easily under pressure, which makes them a suitable option for shower floors. Glass tiles are perfect for shower floors as they are completely impervious to water absorption.

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