is ceramic tint better

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  • Why choose ceramic window tints?

  • Ceramic window tints can protect you from 99% of the UV rays that enter the car. Ceramic window tints also allow only 50% of light to enter the vehicle, which makes drivers safer as there would be no sunlight glaring them while driving.

  • What is ceramic tinting film?

  • There are lots of tinting films available on the market for your car and window. But ceramic tint is the leader in tinting. It has strong protection ability, sun-blocking capability, quality, and appearance. However, ceramic tint film is more invisible than other tints.

  • Does ceramic tint fade over time?

  • Unlike dye-based window films that often fade and discolor over time, ceramic tint will never change colors or fade even after years of exposure to direct sunlight. It is truly color stable and resilient. Metalized window tints are mostly color stable as well, but their look is unappealing to many drivers.

  • What is the difference between nano ceramic tint and carbon tint?

  • Carbon tints have some benefits of nano ceramic tint except for the solar rejection heat capacity. Meanwhile, a ceramic film car window tint is more superior in rejecting the entry of UV light into the passenger cabin by absorbing and reflecting glare.

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