is it safe to drink from a cracked ceramic mug

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Not safe

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  • Are ceramic coffee mugs safe to use?

  • This type of mug is sometimes painted with a lacquer that contains lead and can be harmful if ingested. Because of this, ceramic coffee mugs should be thrown away if the glaze is scratched on the inside of the mug. Glass coffee mugs suffer the most from scratches.

  • Is it safe to drink out of a scratched steel mug?

  • Steel Coffee Mugs. If the mug gets scratched, it should be safe to drink from as long as the scratch is on the outside of the mug and doesn’t penetrate the cup portion. If the scratch is on the lip of the mug or inside the mug, wash it thoroughly to ensure the mark is not a scuff from a foreign object.

  • Why does my mug have cracks?

  • If it鈥檚 a deep structural crack then definitely your mug has stumbled or fell somewhere. Such deep cracks are caused by any undue pressure or hitting. These deep cracks can occur as a result of excessive heat as well, yes the ceramics are heat resistant, which means that they can bear certain temperatures. But they are not temperature proof.

  • Is it safe to use a glass cup with cracks?

  • Sometimes that’s a death sentence for a cup, more often it means that dark colored liquids can seep into the cracks, and make things look interesting. Sometimes not even that happens, and you just have a cup with an interesting pattern in the glaze. It is safe to use. I have seen lots of cups with similar cracks.

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