is porcelain tile better than ceramic tile

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Porcelain clays are denser and thus less porous than ceramic clays. This makes porcelain tile harder and more impervious to moisture than ceramic tile. Due to its through-body composition,it is consideredmore durable and better suited for heavy usage than ceramic tile.

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  • What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles?

  • Porcelain tile is made from fine, dense clay that鈥檚 been dried and pressed into shape under pressure. It is then typically fired twice, removing any moisture from the tile and making it impervious to water. Ceramic tile is also created from clay, but it is typically less dense than porcelain tiles and fired at lower temperatures.

  • Is porcelain tile better than wood flooring?

  • Compared to a wood floor, both ceramic and porcelain tile are better, more durable choices for spaces with pets, kids and high-traffic areas. Browse our large selection of wood-look tile to fit your flooring needs and personal style.

  • What grade of tile is a ceramic tile?

  • Most ceramic floor tiles are graded between 3 and 4. Porcelain tiles tend to have a rating between 3 and 5. What tiles do I have? How to tell the difference The quickest and easiest way to tell whether you have porcelain or ceramic tiles is to check the box or the manufacturer鈥檚 website.

  • Can ceramic tile be used outside?

  • Ceramic tile is not durable enough for exterior use because it absorbs too much water. If you live in areas that freeze, your tile would likely crack within the first few freeze-thaw cycles. Within the category of exterior porcelain, it can be helpful to consult the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) ratings, too.

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