is titanium or ceramic better for curly hair

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  • What is the difference between ceramic and titanium curling irons?

  • Titanium curling irons are more lightweight and can reach higher temperatures. If you have coarse or thick hair, or hair that never holds a curl, titanium barrels work best. If you have short hair or fine, delicate hair, you probably want to stick with ceramic curling irons instead.

  • Are ceramic or titanium straighteners better for hair?

  • If your hair is frizz-prone or you live in a humid environment, titanium straighteners are great to keep your hairstyle going for longer. Ceramic outputs less negative ions but that doesn鈥檛 mean they don鈥檛 work in humid climates. There are many ceramic flat irons coated with tourmaline or other ionic materials.

  • What is the difference between titanium and ceramic hair dye?

  • Your hair type and hair needs will define the results. A thick hair type will need more heat and therefore work better with titanium. Ceramic, on the other hand, is suitable for Fine hair which causes less heat damage.

  • Should I buy a ceramic or titanium flat iron?

  • If you are choosing between a ceramic vs titanium flat iron and budget is not an issue titanium are often better. If you have long hair, the best straighteners for thick hair are often titanium. Titanium straighteners do heat up very quickly, and that means you can accidentally fry your hair if you are not careful.

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