is titanium straightener better than ceramic

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  • Which is better-ceramic or titanium hair straightener?

  • Ceramic Vs. Titanium Hair Straightener – Which One Is Better? You’ve probably heard the same story that titanium hair straightener is faster, but ceramic hair straightener is safer. Claims like these can confuse you when you’re trying to choose between them, especially as you wouldn’t want to ruin your hair by favoring speed over safety.

  • Are ceramic flat irons better than titanium ones?

  • If you are a casual user a ceramic flat iron is safer than a titanium one because it鈥檚 more difficult to burn your hair. It also requires less passes to straighten hair, which reduces heat damage. Ceramic flat irons transmit heat using deep infrared which is more gentle on the hair.

  • What is the difference between ceramic flat irons and regular straighteners?

  • They use a ceramic plate on top of a more flexible base. Cheap hair straighteners have a thin ceramic coating, which soon peels off and snags the hair. Premium ceramic flat irons on the other hand use many layers of ceramic plates so the surface doesn鈥檛 peel.

  • Is ceramic or titanium better for your hair?

  • If your hair requires a higher temperature, then you can always consider the titanium but when it needs more gentle hair, and you want to avoid damages, then ceramic is the best choice for you. Make your decision based on your hair type. Another aspect to consider and compare the two products is in the hot spots.

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