what is a ceramic blade

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Heavy-duty blade

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  • What is the difference between ceramic and steel blades?

  • Compared to ceramic blades, steel blades are also a bit easier to maintain. Compared to steel blades, titanium blades are the most durable blades on the market. Along with their strength, the blades are also the sharpest and last longer than both steel and ceramic blades.

  • What are the advantages of ceramic blades?

  • Having the significant advantage of not 鈥渉eating up鈥?or warping, their ability for extended use is a huge perk. Compared to steel blades, ceramic blades typically maintain their sharpness, even after long and extended periods of use.

  • What types of micro-ceramic blades does slice offer?

  • Slice offers three different tools with micro-ceramic blades: the 00200 Safety Cutter, the 00116 Precision Cutter, and the 10583 Safety Cutter Ring. The Slice 10545 Ceramic Scissors, Large, is one of the three ceramic scissor designs we offer.

  • Can you cut yourself with a ceramic blade?

  • Slice ceramic blades are designed to effectively cut different materials but will resist cutting the skin. While it is not impossible to cut yourself with a ceramic blade from Slice, it does require a ton of force, which make these blades safer than others. Utility knives with ceramic blades could be just what you are looking for.

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