what is ceramic fiber insulation

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High-efficiency thermal insulation material

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  • What is ceramic fiber insulation made of?

  • The primary component of ceramic fiber insulation is high-temperature insulation wool made from synthetic minerals capable of withstanding consistent temperatures exceeding 1200C (2192F). Before application however, this synthetic material must be densified, treated, and machined for various purposes.

  • What is aceramic fibre insulation?

  • Ceramic fibre is a lightweight insulating product. It has low thermal mass which means that it does not retain heat, low thermal conductivity and is an extremely effective insulation material. Its high thermal shock resistance make it suitable for applications where traditional refractories cannot be used.

  • What is the thermal resistance of your ceramic fiber insulation products?

  • Our ceramic fiber insulation products are available to a range of specifications, including board insulation products exhibiting continuous thermal resistances of up to 1538C (2800F). If you would like any more information about our ceramic fiber insulation products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What is the high temperature of ceramic fiber?

  • Ceramic fiber is suitable for high temperature applications up to 2300F. It comes in numerous applications including different ceramic fibre products such as: flame retardant fabric, lightweight units for electrical, thermal and sound insulation, filtration at high temperatures, protective blanket, and so on. 1. CVD technique:

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