what is ceramic spray coating

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Nano-ceramic coatings

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  • What is the durability of a spray ceramic coating?

  • A spray ceramic coating will typically contain less than 30% SiO2, reducing its durability to a maximum of 12 months. The average DIY auto enthusiast will find this a perfect middle ground based on price and installation difficulty.

  • What is the best spray on ceramic coating for cars?

  • A great example is Torque Details Ceramic Shine which is a spray on and buff off formula that provides your cars paint job, glass, and chrome up to a year’s worth of ceramic gloss and protection. The Best Spray-On Ceramic Coating.

  • What is ceramic pro coating?

  • Ceramic Pro Coating: The Cadillac of ceramic coatings is the professional SiO2 Infused ceramic coating 鈥?like Ceramic Pro鈥檚 flagship product. These are precision formulated ceramic nanoparticles that are highly concentrated, with SiO2 percentages higher than 90%.

  • Can you use ceramic coating spray on paint?

  • Finally, if you鈥檙e going to polish your paint, you need to do so before you spray your ceramic coating on. Once all the prep work is done, applying the ceramic coating spray is really easy. You鈥檒l need the spray product of your choice and two separate microfiber towels. Popular YouTube Detailer, Jimbo’s Detailing, puts Ceramic Spray to the test.

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