what is nexgen ceramic spray

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Professional-grade sealer

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  • Why choose NexGen鈥檚 ceramic coating spray?

  • The biggest reason is because of the amount of silicon dioxide found in Nexgen鈥檚 spray. Silicon dioxide forms a layer of protection of nanoparticles on the vehicle鈥檚 surface which keeps your car safe from water, grease, grime, bugs, salt, pollen, and even UVs from direct sunlight. The more SiO2 a ceramic coating spray has, the better.

  • What is NexGen spray used for?

  • Nexgen utilizes the highest grade of silicon dioxide to reduce the ability for contaminants to affect the paint on your vehicle. The Nexgen Ceramic Spray was designed to repel dirt, improve the luster of your paint, and establish a lasting shine.

  • How do I apply NexGen ceramic?

  • Nexgen has done a great job of making the application process as simple as possible even for new users. For best results, apply Nexgen Ceramic to a clean cool surface that is out of direct sunlight. Simply shake the bottle, spray the product onto your vehicle鈥檚 surface, wipe evenly with a microfiber towel, and then buff it for a shine.

  • What is the SiO2 content of NexGen ceramic spray?

  • The Nexgen Ceramic Spray contains a staggering 13% SiO2, far more than any other product on the market. Many other ceramic products tested at under 1% SiO2!

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