what is the best mortar to use for ceramic tile

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Thinset mortar

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  • What is the best mortar for porcelain tiles?

  • As far as thinset, Ardex X77 is a great thinset mortar but I would agree that it鈥檚 overkill for normal porcelain tiles. If you are looking for an Ardex mortar I use X5 quite frequently and think it鈥檚 a great product.

  • What are the different types of tile mortar mixes?

  • Mortar for installing tiles comes in three basic types: Thin-set, mastic, and epoxy mortar. Thin-set mortar mix is the most commonly used tile mortar for both indoor and outdoor projects.

  • What is the best mortar to use for stone countertops?

  • In general, you want to use WHITE tile mortars and ones that will hold the weight of natural stone (look for an 鈥淗鈥?grade next to the ANSI number). Mortars such as: Ardex X4; X5; X77 Custom: Natural Stone and Large Tile mortar; Prolite; Versabond LFT Laticrete: LHT; Multimax lite; Select Bond with non-sag additive

  • Can you use epoxy mortar on ceramic tile?

  • Epoxy mortars work well for porcelain and ceramic, as well as for glass, stone, metal, mosaic, and pebbles. Epoxy mortars can even be used for installing rubber flooring or wood block flooring. Epoxy Tile Mortar Pros and Cons Epoxy-based mortars have high compressive strength and stick well to resin-backed stones.

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