what type of clay is used for ceramics

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Ball clay

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  • What are the different types of clay for pottery?

  • The last type of clay for pottery we will be looking at is fire clay. Like ball clay, fire clay is usually sold in a powdered form. The main feature of fire clay is that it has a very high firing temperature.

  • What is the best material to use for pottery?

  • Ball clay is the best material to use for pottery when mixed with other clays (like kaolin). Stoneware clays are moderately plastic, hard, and nonporous. Getting its name because of its stone-like qualities. They vary in color from white, grey, and all the way to brown when wet.

  • Is porcelain clay easy to use?

  • Porcelain feels smooth and refined to the touch, however, it has a reputation for being challenging to use. Some potters learn to throw using porcelain and prefer it for its smoothness and delicacy. However, it is not the easiest clay to use for a few reasons. The first is that porcelain is not particularly plastic.

  • Can you use ball clay for ceramics?

  • In the early days, ball clay was used in floor and wall tiles. But it can be used in any standard ceramic build 鈥?mugs, plates, or similar uses. Ball clay is popular with many potters because of its white finish after firing. Ball clay is very malleable and is rather mineral pure.

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