where are cermer ceramics made

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  • Who is cermer?

  • Since 1990, Cermer is the world leading company in innovation and production capacity. We created ceramic container for the food industry, serving our clients all over the World from the West Coast of the United States to Australia.

  • Where are ceramar plates made?

  • It has been handcrafted by the Ceramar artists in Manises, a town in Valencia Spain famous for their Spanish ceramics. This plate is very flat, making it perfect for serving cheeses, appetizers or cakes. A still life of fruits and vegetables is beautifully hand painted on this 12 inch plate.

  • Is your cermer container authentic?

  • Your Cermer container is authentic and shaped to your requirements . Cermer: a container that comes from three natural elements. Our ceramics are the result of the interactions and relationships between the three natural elements: Fire, Soil, and Water.

  • Where are these whimsical ceramic plates made?

  • These whimsical plates have been handmade by Ceramar in Valencia, Spain. These intricately patterned plates have been handcrafted by Ceramar in Manises, Valencia and show the young 鈥渕eninas鈥? or ladies in waiting, that the Spanish artist Valezquez depicted in his paintings.

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