where to buy ceramic fallout 4

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  • What is ceramic used for in Fallout 4?

  • A tough yet malleable material mainly used as an insulator. Its applications range from crafting bathroom fixtures in settlements to weapon and armor mods, including high-tier power armor. In addition to junk items, ceramic is also found in common objects in the world of Fallout 4.

  • Where can I find ceramic in Fallout 76?

  • In the Vault 114 kitchen one can find 55 ceramic contained in plates and coffee mugs. Trashcan Carla sells a shipment of 50 ceramic. The Mechanist (Isabel Cruz) sells a shipment of 50 ceramic if the Sole Survivor decides to spare her.

  • What is plastic in Fallout 4?

  • Plastic is a crafting component in Fallout 4 . A lightweight, synthetic material made from natural polymers, plastic is a component used to make various items, including weapon modifications . * Nothing is gained if one does not have at least level 1 of the Scrapper perk.

  • How do you craft in Fallout 4?

  • Players with this perk should do very well in their crafting endeavors. Fallout 4’s interface provides you a means of finding items that are valuable to your crafting needs. Go to your Pip-boy, then head to the Inventory Junk tab. From there, assuming you have some items, you can select ‘Component View’.

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