where to buy ceramic pie weights

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You can buy pie weights incooking or home stores,craft stores,or online. Ceramic pie weights,from Mrs. Anderson’s Baking,for example,are a popular choice and can be found from online retailers. Williams Sonoma also carries popular unglazed ceramic beads,which evenly distribute heat.

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  • Why use ceramic pie weights?

  • Mrs. Anderson鈥檚 Ceramic Pie Weights prevent empty pie shells from shrinking, bubbling and buckling during the baking process. Baking empty pie shells, or blind baking, couldn鈥檛 be easier!

  • What are the best pie weights?

  • And while a disc pie weight is simple and covers the entire crust, each one is designed for a certain-sized pan, so you’ll need a different disc for different-sized pies. In a hurry? These are the best pie weights for all your baking needs. 1. The Best Ceramic Ball Pie Weights: RM International Ceramic Pie Weights 2.

  • How do you use reusable pie weights?

  • This packet of reusable pie weights contains plenty of pea-size ceramic beads to cover the bottom of an unfilled piecrust, preventing the shrinking that can occur while baking. To use, press the crust into the pan, prick with a fork, line with aluminum foil or wax paper, and fill with pie weights.

  • What are the ceramic balls in pie crust?

  • These small ceramic balls add weight to any size pie crust and are nonporous, so they won’t absorb any odors or flavors while they evenly distribute weight across the bottom of the crust. The 1-pound bag includes enough balls to cover two standard pie crusts so you can bake multiple pies at the same time.

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