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  • Which ceramics casting slips do you offer?

  • Shop our selection of ceramic casting slips below You will find below: White and terra cotta earthenware casting slips, our white stoneware slip for cone 6, and porcelain casting slips for mid-fire and high-fire. We offer these ceramics casting slips in 3.5-gallon containers. We also make custom casting slip to your exact specifications.

  • What is a slip in ceramics?

  • In technical terms, Standard’s White Earthenware Ceramic Casting Slip, commonly called ceramic slip by most customers, is a suspension of clay, water and deflocculating (suspension) agents that nearly matches Standard’s 105 White Earthenware Clay in color and has approximately 6% total shrinkage and 17% absorption when properly fired to Cone 04 …

  • Is standard ceramic slip better than Mackie’s slip?

  • While Standard’s Slip will never be confused with the pre-2009 Mackie’s Slip made with NY Talc , Standard Ceramic Slip has proven itself to be the more reliable product in terms of opacity, whiteness and the most important factor…. set up time. If you haven’t already made the switch from Mackie’s Ceramic Slip, we suggest you give Standard a try.

  • What is the color of slip casting body?

  • This ceramic casting slip is deflocculated with water glass and soda ash, and is salmon color at 06, dark red at 03. This is an excellent quick casting and dependable white slip casting body that has remained unchanged for 25 years.

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