can ceramic tile be used in a shower

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In most cases,most types of porcelain,ceramic,stone,and glass tiles are deemed to beperfectfor the shower environment. They are more practical options to consider for bathroom tiling. Chances are you have some floor tiles that you bought and you would like to install them in the shower area.

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  • Can you use porcelain tiles in a shower?

  • You can thus use them in areas with high foot traffic and moisture such as bathroom floors. Porcelain tiles, however, cost more and need special tool to cut. For the shower, ceramic tiles are better suited to the walls while porcelain tiles are better off on the floor as they鈥檙e more durable and water resistant.

  • What are the best ceramic tiles for a bathroom?

  • This traditional bathroom has a walk-in shower covered in marble and ceramic tiles. To give more interest to your shower walls, consider adding Whisper White Arched Herringbone ceramic tiles. As a detail on your shower wall, this ceramic tile can achieve the effect you always wanted.

  • Are ceramic tile shower floors durable?

  • Ceramic tile bathroom shower floors can endure much more wear and tear than you can possibly imagine. These tiles are so durable that they are actually one of the ideal options to use underfoot.

  • Do ceramic shower tiles cut easily?

  • It cuts easily but can be a little brittle, which means it can chip and/or break during installation without proper care. The glazing on these ceramic tiles is a seal that helps keep out moisture, which is a great quality to have in terms of shower walls. This glaze makes the tile very low maintenance as well as scratch-resistant.

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