what is ceramic capacitor used for

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  • What is ceramic capacitor?

  • The ceramic capacitor is a non-polarity device which is found commonly in every electrical device and the dielectric material that is used in the capacitor is a ceramic material. Non-polarity device means the capacitor has no polarities.

  • What is the most commonly used capacitor in electronic circuits?

  • The most commonly used capacitor in an electronic circuit is Ceramic Capacitor due to small physical size and large charge storage capability. The capacitor which uses ceramic as a dielectric medium called a ceramic capacitor.

  • What is a disc capacitor?

  • Ceramic disc capacitors usually consist of two conductive discs on each side of a piece of the ceramic insulator, one lead attached to each plate, and coated with some inert, waterproof coating of some ceramic composition. The disc-type capacitors have a high capacitance per unit volume. They are available up to a value of 0.01 渭F.

  • What is the difference between MLCC and ceramic capacitors?

  • MLCCs are the most produced capacitors with a quantity of approximately 1000 billion devices per year. They are made in SMD (surface-mounted) technology and are widely used due to their small size. Ceramic capacitors are usually made with very small capacitance values, typically between 1nF and 1F, although values up to 100F are possible.

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